Valkyria Shooter

Try out the NEW Game - "Running and Shooting Battle" against monsters!

Enjoy easy-to-control combat battle system with the adorable Valkyrias! Begin your journey of finding Ymir’s Heart and challenge yourself against legendary beasts!

Valkyria Zero is a unique "Escaping and Shooting Action" game - while you run away from powerful monsters, you have to shoot those monsters while under pursuit at the same time. Although this sounds easy and simple, you won’t be able to relax even a single moment!

There are up to a massive 1,000 playable stages as well as six different Dungeons available. Valkyria Zero also incorporates an immersive RPG character development system including fast level-up, equipment smelting, and combining collections of materials, servants, artifacts and more! You will play non-stop and completely forget the word ‘boredom’.

Follow the epic story of Goddess Freyja and her five loyal Valkyrias and their pursuit to summon 25 species of servants and search for 27 pieces of artefacts to form a powerful order of knights. With a stronger group, you can compete with thousands of other players to set the highest record.

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